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Mar 2018
Mar 03 2018 00:36
@FreylisUK We can get them working ... the issue is not working, merely that it's complex and not entirely worth the effort, due to other issues.
It's a 'Battalion Organization' profile. With the data type of 'Required'
The first two are 'battalion abilties'
the '-' is a description
the rest are the unit requirements for the battalion, 'required' is a listing of the number of that type of unit.
Mar 03 2018 00:42
@FreylisUK This is what we have as a working solution, given the other requirements. However, that's not a good solution. > image.png
Mar 03 2018 02:14
That's why we're doing a minimal battalion handling and no unit validation.
Feel free to take a look at either the or the
As a head's up, in the I'm using a prefix of - for units that I've gotten completed. To help me keep track of where I am and what's been done.
Cupropituvanso Draco
Mar 03 2018 09:35
I will try to start editing this weekend ... now there is a new branch "Order" with several cat-files for the different order fractions?
And the "chaos-update" branch, which was planed to work in and there is also an updated File :)
Where should I work?
Mar 03 2018 14:00
Wait what?
Everything ... is still in the same grand alliance catalogs
If you're going to work on the order catalog, you will want to coordinate with the others who are working on it. So you're not working on the same data.
I don't know who is working in the 'order' branch.
@tekton is working destruction, I have death in a really good situation. I believe that @FreylisUK and @rweyrauch are working on Order. Not sure what factions they are focusing on.
one of them was working on KO. Not sure what else is being worked on in the order catalog
Cupropituvanso Draco
Mar 03 2018 14:32
have you take a look at the github branches?
my last info was we all are working in the chaos-update branch and it will be renamed
Cupropituvanso Draco
Mar 03 2018 19:15
Maybe it would be good to have a list who is working on what and in which branch.
Iain Launchbury
Mar 03 2018 21:24
@/all, I have created a new branch (AoS-v2.0) which is now the main re-release branch. Only admins (currently me and @OftKilted) can commit to this branch. This means that any work should be done in a private branch and submitted via pull request into AoS-v2.0. This should allow us to ensure that nothing is broken while multiple authors are working on the same branch (this currently only applies to Order).
Mar 03 2018 22:05
Rick Weyrauch
Mar 03 2018 22:09
The Order branch is experimental and can be removed.
Iain Launchbury
Mar 03 2018 22:11
if it's yours, then you should be able to delete it?