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Mar 2018
Mar 10 2018 03:21
@rweyrauch and on positive news it looks like we’re going to implement the Grand Alliance battletome splitting
Which makes it substantially less painful
Rick Weyrauch
Mar 10 2018 03:23
@OftKilted yeah. The split will make supporting AoS sooo much better. Some one can add Brettonians w/o messing everything up!
I will pause my work and await further instructions.
Mar 10 2018 04:08
You’re fine. You should still have no issues adding profiles and generic rules
You can take a look at what @Mad-Spy did in the Multi-catalog-test as an example of what the core will look like (using Everchosen, Brayherds and Daemons of Chaos) it may need to change up a little ... bit that is the core of how it will work