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Mar 2018
Mar 15 2018 06:59
good news: figured out something I was doing wrong
bad news: that was a wasted night...
Mar 15 2018 13:25
@tekton I know the feeling. Managing Catalogues that have multiple Allegiances (other than just the GA and the default) is nearly headache inducing. I’m a hairbreadth away from just splitting them out (Soulblight, Nighthaunt ... I’m looking at you .... :angry: ) to make catalogue management easier with the Allies forces... hmm ... perhaps there is an easier method
Mar 15 2018 13:45
So ... if one does a “constraint” on the Allegiance, based on the Category entries one could flag ‘bad’ units when building a list.
It wouldn’t hide them, just make a list validity warning. :thought_balloon:
Mar 15 2018 13:52
That might entail more categories in the gst ... hmmm.
Not optimal. :/