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Apr 2018
Apr 29 2018 01:57
Somehow I missed that Grots have three different point cost structures depending on Allegiance...
Jon Kissinger
Apr 29 2018 05:28
Anyone have any objection to me going through sylvaneth and SCE for battalion validation tomorrow/today?
Apr 29 2018 12:04
@alphalas go for it.
@tekton Well ... they are different units.
Apr 29 2018 13:24
@OftKilted i know we have the thing for battlelines and specific generals in the guidelines, do we actually have something implemented that way? the couple i looked at just looked for the general flag but not for "General is X" it seemed
Apr 29 2018 13:59
Nm,figured it out- weird UI issues; looking at the xml and it’s right