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May 2018
Iain Launchbury
May 01 2018 08:55
@tekton, do you mean you've done it so you can select Allegiance or GA abilities even if you select an specific Allegiance? Because that is what is needed.
May 01 2018 17:32
@Mad-Spy that was the intent, yes
Jon Kissinger
May 01 2018 18:08
@/all practicing my CSR skills with that bugrep lol
May 01 2018 18:41
@alphalas You misspelled experience as Experiment. Yep ... It's one big "Experiment" ... ;)
May 01 2018 18:46
@FreylisUK How's the Legion of Azgorh?
Jon Kissinger
May 01 2018 19:07
I blame autocorrect lol