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Jun 2018
Jun 10 2018 02:31

The new Khorne Summoning changes look interesting:

The Blood Tithe Table got another table to use when you have 2+ Blood Tithe points.

These Daemons are summoned at the end of the movement phase.

2 = 5 Bloodletters OR Bloodmaster
3 = 5 Flesh Hounds OR Skullmaster
4 = 10 Bloodletters OR Blood Throne
5 = 3 Bloodcrushers OR Skull Cannon
6 = 15 Bloodletters OR 10 Flesh Hounds
7 = 20 Bloodletters
8 = Any of the three standard (not named) Bloodthirsters

1b. Summonning needs to be done 12" whole within Friendly Hero and 9" away from enemies

Number 8 on the Blood Tithe Table appears to have been replaced with an item labeled “Blood Pact” 8 Blood tithe Points allows you to pick any choice from the table, but it can't move. This summon occurs at the start of the hero phase. Implying that a Bloodthirster could use it's Command Trait.

Karanak’s Special summon Flesh Hounds Ability has been changed:
Once per game, Karanak can now summon 5 Fleshhounds if he's within 8" of his quarry. Then 5 Flesh hounds need to appear fully within 8" of him and 9" away from enemies. The summoning counts as their movement, but they could be summoned behind him.

The “Summon Khorne Daemons” spells that “all chaos wizards” have all been removed.