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Jul 2018
Jul 19 2018 00:57
Admittedly it's been a while since I really dig around in BS data, but for units that have no changing it cannot be that difficult. Or are we saying since it won't work for all it will work for none to keep utilization the same?
Jul 19 2018 01:02
the basic problem is that there is no way to change stuff around in category slots
so you'd have to not add units that could be battleline and leave it to the user
but that means 2 duplicate entries on top of the existing 2 entries
TBH that's one of my big wishlist items for BS down the line, is to be able to modify what selection heading something drops under
Jul 19 2018 01:58
@cartag So, it could be done for units that don't change. i.e. leaders, or units that are always 'other' But then we're doing a partial implementation.... some stuff gets added, others doesn't ... and then one still has to create an SSE for each of the battalions with the point value for the battalion, to allow folks to verify that the points are being calculated correctly for the battalion
that being said, what we have from a validation standpoint is substantially better than the battalion with a text list of units that could be added.
Rick Weyrauch
Jul 19 2018 02:14
@tekton I created an issue #606 for the Troggoth Hag points.
Jul 19 2018 02:57
Realistically speaking also, there are several battalions that are out as allies due to size and cost alone. I'd be willing to bet most are over the 400 pt mark for a 2000 pt game
Jul 19 2018 03:29
Thanks you :)
Jul 19 2018 10:46
@cartag As Allies, likely, but not in a Grand Alliance Army.
Jul 19 2018 14:22
remember that mixed unit battalions don't count toward allies limit either
ex: gnarlroot wargrove order wizard or braggoths beast hammer gruntas
Jul 19 2018 14:34
@WindstormSCR But that's only if the Battalion is keyworded for the Allegiance being used by the army.
(And battalions also, by default, have the keyword of their 'parent' grand alliance.)
Jul 19 2018 18:07

So ... in staring at the Tzeentch battletome ... it says:
“Each ARCANITE WIZARD and MORTAL WIZARD in a TZEENTCH army knows an additional spell chosen from the Lore of the Fate.”

Along with:
“Each DAEMON WIZARD in a TZEENTCH army knows an additional spell chosen from the Lore of Change.”

That seems to imply that if you qualify for both you get one of each?

... 🤯
Nope ... mind no longer blown ... that’s been faq’d:
Page 73 – Spell Lores
Change to:
‘Spell Lores: The champions of Tzeentch have ever been feared for their mastery of the sorcerous arts. Wizards from your army gain one spell from one of two spell lores – the Lore of Fate or the Lore of Change – depending on whether they are a mortal sorcerer or one of Tzeentch’s daemons.’