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Jul 2018
Jul 29 2018 02:43

So, question on weapon options for the LoC:

“A Lord of Change is a single model. It carries a Staff of Tzeentch and either a Baleful Sword or a Rod of Sorcery. Alternatively,it can carry a Staff of Tzeentch and tear at its foes with its Curved Beak and Wicked Talons”

So, Weapon options:
Staff and Sword
Staff and Rod
Staff and Talons

Am I missing something associated with the “Alternatively” reference?

Jul 29 2018 03:51
Rick Weyrauch
Jul 29 2018 03:54
@OftKilted I think you have it correct.
Jul 29 2018 13:14
Anyone able to follow what #637 is asking for?
Ahh, user error