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Jul 2018
Amadeusz Sadowski
Jul 31 2018 08:07
I don't know what to say. It's a lot of work done there, but we've never hosted language variations of the repository, and keeping it sync'ed with the main repo won't be a trivial task.
Earl Bishop
Jul 31 2018 11:15
It will be synced for a month. He will lose interest after seeing the number of constant changes. Then we will get complaints
Jul 31 2018 11:16
So ... this brings the interesting question of language support features to Battlescribe.
Right now, it’s single language. You can’t do a translation, it is entirely a rule/text replacement
Jul 31 2018 13:15
You could build it into a single source, but with current implementation you’re looking at a “language switch” to basically turn stuff off/on ... and that doesn’t address verbiage differences for core wording
Earl Bishop
Jul 31 2018 15:06
Without hiring/sourcing dedicated localization teams
Localization support will be non-existant
and it should stay that way
Jul 31 2018 15:34
But it isn’t even that support in a file is non-existent, it’s not possible for me to support multiple languages
Battlescribe is designed as Single Language.
Rick Weyrauch
Jul 31 2018 22:13
@/all Re: #199. We are not in a position to support localizations. If someone wants to fork the repo and do the translations - well good for them.