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Aug 2018
Aug 28 2018 18:35
@rweyrauch Incoming issue of note ... profiles that are named the same only show up once in the roster view. This apparently affects the models with Celestial hammers (venator etc).
Aug 28 2018 19:16
Basically the fact that they have the same weapon attack names for Melee and Missile means that only one of the values shows on the roster list
Iain Launchbury
Aug 28 2018 19:46
This is just how BS works. You'll need to suffix them with (Melee) and (Missile)
Aug 28 2018 20:11
@Mad-Spy Yep ... I ran into that same situation with the Pink/Blue/Brimstone horrors all having a ranged attack with the same name.
Rick Weyrauch
Aug 28 2018 20:35
@OftKilted Thanks for the heads-up.