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Dec 2018
Dec 26 2018 00:29
Evening, I'm a tad new to this whole Github thing, but I solved the issue I'd put up a few hours ago, locally. What.. Er.. Do I do now?
Rick Weyrauch
Dec 26 2018 01:43
@Levariel I just pushed a fix for the issue you reported. However, we welcome help maintaining the AoS catalogs.
Dec 26 2018 01:55
I'll give it a shot, if nothing else.
Dec 26 2018 17:36
I like those new Gitz
Those fanatics look fun to paint
Dec 26 2018 19:25
I'm slightly sad they didn't include gitmob, but that still works out since I can do gloomspite + gitmob and get more or less what I wanted
Dec 26 2018 19:38
Hoping for new Troggoth models...