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Apr 2015
Apr 04 2015 21:07
I can't replicate #867, it seems to be working as intended. Though I do agree that Space Marines should inherently have a Bolt Pistol/Boltgun combo until selected otherwise.
Apr 04 2015 21:22
@amis92 do you think changing the behaviour of Tactical Squad UI to a similar system the Scouts use is too big of a change in SM catalogue. I don't like the idea of forcing people to update their saved lists.
Apr 04 2015 22:28
Some of the original units still need look overs and adjustments fr
I'm working on making sure everything is
In good working order
Apr 04 2015 22:44
@senpai514 It is difficult figuring out what is easiest for a user to use within the limitations of what battlescribe can do. Cause doing it the Scout way, you might not see the profile for a Boltgun (since only the Sergeant actually has one on his entry, which can be swapped out). I've been pondering about it for an hour.