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Apr 2015
Dirk Bachert
Apr 07 2015 07:29
speaking of ergonomy - I find the skitarii to be a bit lackingin that. Not opening an issue, since it's not broken or wrong per se... I think however, that having the standard rifles as an entry with a quantity and part of the validation to be cumbersome. If I want to use special weapons, I have to manually decrease/increase the number of that weaponry - just linking to the entry would imo be enough, since it always will be there. Doesn't need to be the exact number.
Apr 07 2015 21:58
I've made an attempt with what I believe the most efficient way (in both the UI and the View Roster) for the Tactical Marines. I'd like an opinion before creating a pull request with Stribbs/wh40k@b598ea8