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Apr 2015
Adam Vollrath
Apr 12 2015 02:47
Does a copy go within each codex file? That creation could be automated, tho maintenance prohibitive.
Amadeusz Sadowski
Apr 12 2015 10:58
And how about we put it in Fortifications catalogue?
Apr 12 2015 12:00
From the early images I saw the pages had a heavy support icon on top of the page. So I don't know exactly what is up with that.
the pipes are preexisting fortifications so nothing to worry about there (unless GW changed the rules)
Amadeusz Sadowski
Apr 12 2015 19:25
Ugh. Not good. Do they have any faction?
Apr 12 2015 20:34
I haven't picked up the white dwarf yet so don't know exactly
Sean Teague
Apr 12 2015 21:36
@axisofentropy I created a new task #908 It might be an issue for you, or it may be an issue with BattleScribe.
@axisofentropy I am unsure how to fix the error or I would have edited the Catalogue file and submitted a pull request