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Apr 2015
Dirk Bachert
Apr 15 2015 07:27
We seem to have quite a pile-up on issues that remain unresolved.. We may need to start thinking about solutions to reduce that number.
Amadeusz Sadowski
Apr 15 2015 17:37
I may be able to work on some this weekend, but currently I'm busy creating the future for all of us here. ;) I hope to make it for Christmas, though - it's quite a huge work. New catalogue/gst editor will be much more modern, not in Java, and integrated with git. :) That's the plan, at least.
Dirk Bachert
Apr 15 2015 18:52
I'd help out, but lacking codexes that's a bit difficult. Also, getting used to a different style could really mess up some catalogues ^^
U WOT M8? That sounds awesome!