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Jun 2015
Jun 17 2015 11:40
Is it correct that Space Marines are currently broken? Using Combined Arms Detachment and the Space Marines: Codex (2013) v120 it constantly asks me to add 6 Tactical Squads, 6 Drop pods, 2 Dreadnoughts etc (which I do not believe is correct). And these error messages dont dissapear even when you add them as requested
Dirk Bachert
Jun 17 2015 19:44
Guys, I have a small data problem I request your help to solve. With the new DA Codex around the corner, I already begun implementing the formations and stuff. Used the opportunity to switch pretty much anything round to links - otherwise I'd go mad. Now I run into the problem that compulsory choices (like 1 Assault Squad) is not automatically added in the formation, even though I set modifieres of min and max to 1. Pretty annoying for the end user, since he has to "add" compulsory choices. If I do a second entry as a copy and set min and max to 1 in that entry, it works - it is automatically added. Someone know a workaround for that issue?
@Elorm yes, it seems broken. Selecting a CAD requires a Demi Company or the like...