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Nov 2015
Eric Falsken
Nov 03 2015 16:49
I think it's safe to say we got all the bugs out of the Tau codex? Congrats on a good release!
this coming weekend will be the true test, as people use it for the first time at their FLGS.
Amadeusz Sadowski
Nov 03 2015 21:16

Yeah, well, you're the author now, so congrats to you - very well done! :) I can chime in sometimes, but I'm drifting into my catalogue/datafile editor project. I have to say I feared you taking the steering wheel of my babyfile at first, but now I'm proud and glad you're doing it. Cheers!

Also, this weekend will definitely see the testing at the heaviest. So FSE will wait until after, I guess. No reason to hurry - have you heard of someone asking them for errata on the compulsory 3-man XV8 team in every FSE detachment/formation? It's quite restrictive in what'd be available.

Haha, and here goes #1564 ;D
Amadeusz Sadowski
Nov 03 2015 22:53
@efalsken "Sold out" is a bad sign... But BL has it still in offer as digital, so a hope stays: