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Nov 2015
Eric Falsken
Nov 10 2015 05:16
Heads up. I hear that the next campaign book will be 4 different space marine chapters.... including Assassins and Sisters of Battle.
Amadeusz Sadowski
Nov 10 2015 14:58
4 SM chapters including Assassins and SoB? You mean 4 SM chapters + 2 Imperial Factions or 4 Imperial Factions including 2 SM chapters, Assassins and SoB?
Eric Falsken
Nov 10 2015 17:16
Rumor is 2 chapters will get the same treatment that White Scars and Grey Knights got in Kauyon. But that SoB and Assassins will be thrown in there as well.
Expect to see Assassins sold individually in clamshell in retail.
So at the very least, we're seeing the Assassin rules coming to print.