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Dec 2015
Eric Falsken
Dec 08 2015 04:14
FSE is opt-in at the formation and Detachment level. I'd use a separate Army if I could, but they can mix and match now in a Hunter Detachment.
Then at the unit level, Bonding Knives become mandatory and they gain PE.
Basically the validations work for FSE at the Force level, but can't at the Formation level.
Because there is no "ancestor" selector. Only "parent Force".
Eric Falsken
Dec 08 2015 04:19
If the modifier could select any Entry such that may appear higher in the entry chain.... And Battlescribe author's "solution" is massive duplication of the shared units to not be shared entries anymore. So something like Crisis Suit and Commander would have to be duplicated about 50 times each. The catalog file is so big my iPhone6 crashes.
it would be nice if there was a way of creating a hidden-but-auto selected entry that I could use
Amadeusz Sadowski
Dec 08 2015 06:30
@efalsken I honestly believe there is no (sensible) way to do that right now. So what I suggest is keeping make it work at least for 'parent Force' and leave nested Formations out of error validation, allowing them to select FSE entry inside but also leave a note it's not checked. Or leave it completely and go back to it somewhen in future.