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Jan 2016
Eric Falsken
Jan 12 2016 02:24
Irrelevent for BSData. Named characters and FW models are not listed in the allowed units list in all of the formations/detachments listed so far. Therefore BSdata should only allow those models/units listed. e.g. Tau Dawn Blade Detachment has a Command Cadre that lists "Commander Farsight, Bodyguard, and 0-1 Ethereals". That does not mean you can substitute in Commander Shas'o R'alai (a forgeworld Character) at will in those formations.
unless the detachment says "X HQ selections", that's different.
Now, major tournaments may allow slightly different interpretation, but BSData needs to stay as close as possible to RAW to avoid misrepresentation. This isn't the ITC data project. People can mash up their lists however they want, and adjust rules to suit. But we need to keep the data files pure. No house rules. No reinterpretations. No custom "extension" of units or formations.
@hisop: There was a discussion that happend at length when I worked on the Tau data files and we decided pretty clearly that the entire "Show Forgeworld" option was a bad idea. It's much better to tag FW options with [FW] after the Formation/Unit/Model/Rule name and let people use it or not as they wish. e.g. XV107 R'Varna Battlesuit [FW].