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Feb 2016
Eric Falsken
Feb 08 2016 01:44
Now that LVO is over, I can put the finishing touches of Craftworlds+Mymeara.
Feb 08 2016 11:53
Hey guys i tried to add the dominus maniple as per #1826 but i came across a conundrum. the formation uses units from skitarii with a tech preist dominus from cult mechanus, the problem is it doesn't have a codex and is from the starter kit. how should i implement this? normally in this situation i would consider it a skitarii formation but it isn't and would miss the dominus. it seems overly complex to use the same method as the cohorts as this is 1 model. feedback appreciated, (i thought of adding the dominus to skitarii "hidden" unless the formation is detected but again it is not the norm).
Also i am going to reverse the show FW that was asked for to a Hide FW to save future confusion in a best of both worlds approach (since it is a small codex i dont mind)
-last coment was for imperial knights