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Mar 2016
Mar 05 2016 18:22 UTC
@cartag @OftKilted there are currently 2 official lists for the lost and the damned one in IA13 the other in the new seige of vraks. But we have three cat's for them, any idea what each is for?
Mar 05 2016 22:02 UTC
@hisop I know of the two.
Well the two FW ones are probably IA:13 and vraks
Interesting ... Looks like there might be two vraks?
Mar 05 2016 23:16 UTC
@hisop @OftKilted I am not sure, I'll take a look. Those were there before I started working on things. My anxiety pegged at FLGS, home now, waiting on valium to kick in and we'll see what I can do after that happens
Mar 05 2016 23:18 UTC
@cartag @hisop perhaps it's a duplicate. We've seen that previously. let me know if you'd like me to take a look at it :-)