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Mar 2016
Eric Falsken
Mar 09 2016 18:09 UTC

If anyone is interested in seeing progress with Craftworlds, I've just pushed the new catalog to my private fork.

All units and gear are in from Craftworlds. CAD-only. I'll work on the formations and Guardian Host before the weekend. IA11 next week. But it's almost done. It's already a lot cleaner and more complete than the old one.

Mar 09 2016 18:10 UTC
@efalsken IA11 Eldar?
Eric Falsken
Mar 09 2016 18:11 UTC
This Craftworlds catalog was a complete rewrite to clean up all the bugs. It would have been a lot easier if Battlescribe could cut-and-paste without breaking links and crashing all the time.
Austin C.
Mar 09 2016 19:14 UTC
@efalsken Thanks for pushing this. Which bugs required this total rewrite?
Mar 09 2016 20:32 UTC
@hisop thanks for scheduling the appspot push for the CSM v193 issue.
Mar 09 2016 21:04 UTC
Its NP im going to put out a few fixes in the morning try and close a few issues i have been quiet this week due to work so lots to catch up on.