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Mar 2016
Ivan Milanov
Mar 29 2016 04:11
@ddarz Could you please leave more descriptive commit titles? "Fix for <issue number>" really doesn't say much.
Mar 29 2016 05:40
For an example, here is a sample of commits for the Path to Glory:
Added Flamer and Melta profiles to Mechatendrils.
Removed Gift of Mutation from CSM Aspiring Champ. Closes #4
Removed point total for Shotgun on Cultist Champ. Closes #2
Removed heavy weapon points for Cultists. Closes #3
Removed Melta Bomb point cost on AC. Closes #5
Added MoT invul save to CSM. Closes #6
Mar 29 2016 23:42
sigh Why do Aspiring Chaos Space Marine champions in KDK get stuck with their boltguns and Aspiring Chaos Space Marine Champions in C:CSM can swap them out ....