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May 2016
Eric Falsken
May 02 2016 16:03
I know we're all excited for BS2, and I see that there's a branch there, but how far away, really, is BS2 and are we in "fix bs2 only" mode? or are we fixing bugs in both places now? If BS2 is going to be released until next week, that makes sense. But ....
May 02 2016 16:25
I'm fixing in both places, but that's also because I've been doing a lot to get the shared rules/profiles in the GST. You won't have to link to them in your data files, but it will cut down on file size if you do. There are some bugs though that cannot easily be fixed in existing version. For those, I just note they'll be fixed in BS2 and work the fix in when I get a chance.