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May 2016
May 07 2016 01:22
Well, survived first day. Brief run down of job: No chance at a pay raise. Period. I'm making $9.50/hr. No paid time off. Mandatory six day work week. Incentive offered but not until after I work 65+ hours in a week, and then I'm competing against other reps for the $50 that it gives. We'll see how long it takes for my next breakdown. Anybody wanna start a pool?
May 07 2016 01:23
I vote we all go on a vacation and sit by the pool!
Earl Bishop
May 07 2016 01:28
I have 138 hours in my pto pool I could get in on that :p
May 07 2016 01:30
Maybe I just need to learn to grow weed. I'm in CO. I'll just work for a grower.
May 07 2016 04:51
I added the Air Superiority Detachment from Death from the Skies book. Easiest solution I've found for making your single flyers into the Flyer Wings is to create a new Entry, treat it like a formation that contains 2-4 of your flyer. Instead of linking it as a formation, link it as a Flyer Wing. I even named the Heldrakes ones "Heldrake Flyer Wing"
I also linked it as a Fast Attack since that's what the Heldrake is. This way you can have the single flyer still, or the Flyer Wing for multiples.
May 07 2016 05:04
The KDK and CSM files are already updated as well if anybody wants to see how I did mine.
Amadeusz Sadowski
May 07 2016 16:48
Okay guys, #2140 closed, now #2143 is up to you.
May 07 2016 17:15
:+1: I may have jumped the gun and already created the Heldrake one lol