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May 2016
May 14 2016 16:00
750 pt Tank Shock event today, multiplayer battle. Bringing Jerald (juggy Herald), 10 Khorne dogs, 16 Bloodletters, Maulerfiend, and Skull cannon. The 1750 is next week, everything in the 750 has to be in the 1750. I squeezed in a Kytan.
May 14 2016 18:10
@cartag nice! Have fun!
May 14 2016 23:32
Ended up being 3750 total per side, ten players. An unlikely alliance of KDK, Necrons, Tau, and Eldar vs Imp Fists, SW, IG, and Grey Knights
Used TacO Supremes (Tactical Supremacy objectives), we ended up with 31 points to I think 8.