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May 2016
May 22 2016 02:22
Well, tourney didn't go as planned, but I played honorably. First round me, my opponent, and the TO all thought I won (% of army destroyed in units) but we forgot about my maulerfiend, who is infamous for not doing a damn thing. I went from winning 6-3 to losing 3-6. Second round I won by default since my opponent was 20 min late, but agreed to play him to pass the time, even though I downright loathe him and think of him as a detestable player. I should have just not played him, but I had a momentary case of stupid.
Earl Bishop
May 22 2016 02:51
Well that sucks. Have fun apart from him though?
May 22 2016 02:53
I did, even though I'm pretty sure I screwed myself out of an $80 choice of model by being the bigger man.
We were doing 500 -> 750-> 1750 pts for tank shock. I thought it more appropriate to view this as an opportunity to build our community, just everybody relax and have fun. Then the dbags started in. Our resident Tau cheese player viewed this a good chance to expand to Eldar and buy a Wraithknight.
May 22 2016 07:55
Dick move