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Jun 2016
Jun 27 2016 01:25
The upload isn't manual either XD it's just an automatic process
But, it's all something that has to be learned at one point or another :) You're doing well man
Earl Bishop
Jun 27 2016 02:35
Yea I knew that one. But thanks :)
Nice to be able to publish without bugging anyone
Earl Bishop
Jun 27 2016 19:43

Hey everyone, if anyone wouldn't mind giving the new Space Marines codex a test run: - I've just pushed the initial release. It'll be on appspot tomorrow for anyone who has the alpha builds. I've been testing entries as I go (part of why it's taken so long) but extra eyes always help. If anyone wouldn't mind DLing it and putting it through some test cases, I'd appreciate it. Lack of errors is expected due to a 2.0 bug at the moment, but if you get an errors not expected or if points/entries are wrong, I can fix them.

I've made this from scratch and wiped the old one, so the one we're using going forward for SM is just Codex: Space Marines - with no year in the title.