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Jul 2016
Jul 13 2016 02:09
This isn't 40k or even BS related, but I feel the need to share since I've gotten used to talking to you all. I got a job as a Peer Support Specialist (think AA sponsor for mental health). So all the crap that my head has been putting me through for decades has finally paid off! I'll be helping with group therapies, being there to listen when somebody needs help, and being a distraction when they need it. If it hadn't been for a PSS I talked to last year when I had my mental breakdown, I probably wouldn't be here right now.
I will get to help people on a level I never thought I'd be able to, and that is amazing to me.
Earl Bishop
Jul 13 2016 02:44
Grats duder. Always an awesome feeling to be able to help! Glad you got the opportunity to do it!