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Aug 2016
Troy Graber
Aug 19 2016 01:25
Look at the way Ork boyz are setup. They have an optional nob that is 0 to 1. Just do that with the various options.
When I get back to a pc I'll try to be more specific.
Aug 19 2016 01:35
I looked at that, but it doesn't cover this issue. Take the Aquila Kill Team. Must take 1 unit of Veterans, who must number between 5 and 9. It must also take at least 1 of Librarian (1 in the unit), Termintors (1-5 in the unit), Vanguard Vets (1 to 5 in the unit) or Bikers (1 to 5 in the unit), but can take some of each of those. It can contain a maximum of 10 models. So, adding 4 Vanguard vets needs to reduce Bikers and Terminators to a max of 1 each. Adding 5 Vanguard Vets would reduce Librarians, Bikers and Termies to 0 each.
Troy Graber
Aug 19 2016 04:56
It's just a matter of scale. I'm saying this without access to the Deathwatch codes so if I get something wrong forgive me, but I'll do my best to sketch out how to set that up.
So, create a Shared Entry for each individual component. "Terminator". "Vanguard Vets" etc. This is so you don't have to setup the wargear options in every single formation.
Then Create a Shared Entry called "Aquila Kill Team".
Troy Graber
Aug 19 2016 05:01
Inside this Shared Entry create an Entry Group called "Kill Team" or whatever you want to call it. On Kill team, set the minimum size to 6 and the maximum size to 10.
Now add a link to your Vanguard Vets shared profile, and set the minimum size to 5 and the maximum size to 9.
Now add a link to your Librarian shared profile and set the minimum size to 0 and max to 1. Do this for each model type until you have all the options added.
Because each entry takes up one of the allowed slots in the Entry Group "Kill Team" it will take care of limiting the individual options for you.
Troy Graber
Aug 19 2016 05:06
So that is the hard part. At that point I'd add a link in the core to our "Aquila Kill Team", and now test it to see if you set everything up right. If so, all you've got to do is add the special rules and declare victory.
The example I cited from the Ork Catalog: Ork Boyz demonstrate how this works in practice. Under the shared entry "Boyz" there is an Entry Group called "Mob". Mob is min size 10 max size 30 with default selection set to "Boyz". Under "Mob" is the Entry "Boy", and the Entry "Boss Nob" Boss Nob has a max size of 1. So you can do 10 boyz or 9 boyz + a Boss Nob or 30 boyz or 29 boyz and a boss nob. It is the entry group that manages the overall unit size.
Aug 19 2016 11:38
Regarding #2390 do we want to add a rule when "Lord Baron" is selected to show that there is an increase in WS/BS?
Earl Bishop
Aug 19 2016 13:50
No reason to. Just modify the value of lord baton = 1.
I think I have it doing that in the 2.0 prep already
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