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Aug 2016
Aug 24 2016 00:17
I looked in the wiki, but am not seeing the answer jump out. I have fixed 2 of the bugs that have been reported about the Deathwatch Codex. After I increment the revision, do I just put it up? Also, 1 of the bugs I don't think is a bug. How is that handled? Someone asked for Knights to be added, but there is already a Knight Codex.
Troy Graber
Aug 24 2016 03:20
@KwaiLoCDN the forgeworld knights are available as LOW selections for any army of the imperium.
Aug 24 2016 09:59
Hey guys. Sorry for for lack of activity for the last couple of days. Life's been busy. Anyway, I'm the one that uploaded the new Deathwatch data file, and done a booboo with it, it seemed. I hope I didn't cause a lot of trouble by uploading a new file for DW?
Aug 24 2016 13:39
@martijndoornik you may want to talk to @KwaiLoCDN, as both of you are trying to do Deathwatch. Maybe combine efforts?
Aug 24 2016 13:42
Aight, sounds good :)
Aug 24 2016 21:47
Got a bunch of stuff updated. I'm done for now. BS2 prep synced also for Chaos.