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Sep 2016
Sep 01 2016 14:55 UTC

Hi, I just finished updating the Harlequins Codex to include all of the Death Masque rules, profiles and formations (plus several bug fixes and warlord traits, and rules and many thingies xD).

My question is, should I mark the release as v4.14.16 or as v4.15.0 ?

Sep 01 2016 16:07 UTC

Nvm, I just saw that "second number increases whenever you decide it involves more than bug fixes and little improvements"

The inclusion of a supplement to an army seems to my more than a little improvement, sooooo 4.15.0 here we go! XD

Sep 01 2016 16:13 UTC
seems to me*
Amadeusz Sadowski
Sep 01 2016 16:49 UTC
A good decision, I think.