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Oct 2016
Don't say I never gave anyone anything :p
Oct 11 2016 02:05
Bruh... Thousand sons codex and sisters in a few months.
Earl Bishop
Oct 11 2016 02:05
Yea. I'm still not sure I buy the TS codex.
I'm thinking primarchs are gonna be dataslates like cypher
I feel bad for BA players tho. Unless they get like a super sanguinor-totally-not-sanguinius
Oct 11 2016 02:18
I don't think it will be a data slate. All these models coming out have to do with fenris part 2. Another campaign book prob.
Oct 11 2016 05:41
Dat plastic sisters announcement though
Oct 11 2016 10:18
Yup Fenris Part 2 campaign book
Which they will then probably split the seperate parts out into seperate books/epubs because GW don't miss a trick to make extra cash these days ;)