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Oct 2016
Eric Lofgren
Oct 19 2016 09:41
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Amadeusz Sadowski
Oct 19 2016 11:32

Honestly I don't believe we are able to successfully launch any kind of KT repo, nor is it a good idea to add clutter into main repo. There are no volunteers, and I don't think current maintainers are all so interested in developing two catalogues concurrently. As mentioned, the fan-kill team (HoR KT) is only a single-person effort and it doesn't do well I think.

If we gather a dedicated group of people, then maybe. Until then, it's unviable IHMO.

Amadeusz Sadowski
Oct 19 2016 22:09
I've added a milestone to mark issues which will be/should be resolved once we have BS 2.0: