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Jan 2017
Jan 08 2017 15:24
some background, wargear and rules that Crawl will have - Vague enough but covers some of it. Like he has a melta beam weapon.
Earl Bishop
Jan 08 2017 19:47
I hope the price isn't being bumped
to bloodthirster levels :/
I'll be wanting 2, one for Lord of Change and one for Kairos, but if it's bumped to Bloodthirster, i'll probably only get 1 and build as kairos, then proxy
Simon Porter
Jan 08 2017 23:37
you know what really hacks me off about Battlescribe.... It's when you spend hours working on a problem, you think it is fixed, then you load a new roster to "start from scratch" with error checking and none of the flipping modifiers work properly...
(sodding squad Crull...)
Simon Porter
Jan 08 2017 23:58
It's OK, I think I just upset the copy & paste fairy...
Also, Notepad ++ is ace :smile:
Jan 08 2017 23:59
What's going on with crull? I thought we had that squared away