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Jan 2017
Simon Porter
Jan 10 2017 06:32
I thought about that too, I'll have to wait to get enough pods, but until then I should be able to try nearly every other army build :-)
Simon Porter
Jan 10 2017 09:09
Oh sugar, @GenWilhelm, good idea to release, but expect bug reports about the space marines codex, I've not managed to fix the problems I half fixed the other day... so I imagine there will be some upset space Marine players once appspot pushes the changes :worried: I'll try to get to it tonight but we'll see...
Jan 10 2017 19:31
@FarseerVeraenthis yeah, that is why I went with a choose two instead of left arm right arm. Even with heavy weapons, you can have two options (Excluding HTH)
Simon Porter
Jan 10 2017 20:14
I think it works well
Time for some bug fixing :smile:
Simon Porter
Jan 10 2017 22:41
Yay, I'm down to just two bugs... Although, the Space Marine one is going to take some time to srot all those blessed relics out properly...
Also, it is very possible I just broke literally every single Deathwatch list... but it is for the best in the long run (hopefully)
Earl Bishop
Jan 10 2017 22:54
Yea, I tried to make the relics nice, Apparently I failed at that
Feel free to slap your name on the wiki as well if you want. You've done as much work as I have on that file at this point