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Jan 2017
Jon Kissinger
Jan 26 2017 01:00
that inq nonsense is all fix, and released.
Simon Porter
Jan 26 2017 12:39
Cheers @Owlsbane I have been trying to follow the rumour threads, but then I'm not sure if it would be better to just wait for it to come out and see it IRL, as opposed to spoiling the surprise with some shifty images from the internet...
But yes, I am exicted to see what is coming, probably won't be able to buy anything for a couple of months #becauseDeathwatch but that might not be a bad thing...
and @alphalas that Bonesinger is cool :smile:
oh, and the whole reason I switched from Iyanden to Ulthwe was because of Black Guardians having BS4, if they are back (and even more awesome) that's groovy :smile:
Jon Kissinger
Jan 26 2017 12:50
I kind a hope that Il'Kaithe get some love eventually because they were one of the more prominent secondary craftworlds there for a while
I mean come on, how cool is that?