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Mar 2017
Justin Gourlay
Mar 04 2017 13:19
Hey guys, I'm new here.
I'm making data files for a homebrew system, but I'm teaching ymself as I go in terms of how to organize stuff
so I apologize in advance if I ask dumb questions here
Simon Porter
Mar 04 2017 14:40
No worries, half the time we don't know what we're doing either...
And thanks for the photos of rowboat's rules, he seems pretty nasty...
Justin Gourlay
Mar 04 2017 16:30
Is there a way to set up a weapon list in the game system that I can restrict in the different army lists?
For example, if theres a rifle that I want to change for every faction all at once, can I just have it listed in the game system files and nest inside the catalogs so that I can change the parent rifle entry and have it auto update in all the catalogs?
Earl Bishop
Mar 04 2017 16:41
Np. Was just screencaps from the stream. Should be fun. I've already got him implemented as much as I can :)
Yes Justin. Put the shared entry in your gst
Then link to it in whatever cat you want