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May 2017
Austin C.
May 20 2017 00:29
CS being Combat Shield?
Jon Kissinger
May 20 2017 00:38
Simon Porter
May 20 2017 05:08
Righto, yeah, it's tricky to keep up with everything that's been said everywhere...!
I haven't quite got to the stage of magnetising my combat weapons on my Deathwatch, but I do have some chainsword's in stock :+1:
Simon Porter
May 20 2017 12:48
In other news, do you think people have just stopped playing wh40k... Or did we actually manage to fix all the bugs...?!
Will Pattison
May 20 2017 12:49
well there's been no new releases to wreck all our hard work ;)
but yeah, most people i know play hardly any 40k atm. its all SW:A and HoR
Simon Porter
May 20 2017 12:52
Let's claim we fixed all the bugs... At least until 8th comes out..!!!