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May 2017
Simon Porter
May 24 2017 09:04 UTC
Further to the discussion on pricing, US & Canada price list;
Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought
May 24 2017 14:19 UTC
Here's hoping Chaos gets other nifty toys
Will Pattison
May 24 2017 14:31 UTC
that grav-flux bombard is absolutely nuts
May 24 2017 15:20 UTC
Does it have phosphex?
Jon Kissinger
May 24 2017 15:21 UTC
It's got the flamers
May 24 2017 15:23 UTC
Interesting to see they've put the work in for that unit. I expect 40k will get access to some of the bigger FW tanks now.
Spartan assault tanks.
Jon Kissinger
May 24 2017 15:25 UTC
I think 40k already had access to spartan
May 24 2017 15:27 UTC
Jon Kissinger
May 24 2017 15:28 UTC
Yeah page 117 of IA2SE
May 24 2017 15:39 UTC
Ah, didn't realise.
Jon Kissinger
May 24 2017 15:43 UTC
Spartan, Cerberus, typhon, and fellblade
Jon Kissinger
May 24 2017 23:32 UTC
Oh btw to whoever cares - the GW wound counter d10s are true, not spindown