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Sep 2017
Sep 11 2017 04:44
I fought against some variation on this today:
it was unpleasant
you'd think guard wouldn't be that good at stealing objectives, but being able to roll up 20" with a valk, drop out the guys, move forward and rapid fire the shit out of whatever is on it, and claim it is really good
especially 10 scions a tprime and a primaris psyker doing that
with 4 PGs
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 09:21

I use one of these

works like a charm, there is no dust anywhere. I also notice I get slightly dizzy from the fumes if I spray without either a mask or the booth - with the booth, I dont feel shit. A bit louder, but way more comfortable and cleaner than using a mask

Though I'd recommend not blowing the air right back in your face :D
Jon Kissinger
Sep 11 2017 09:28
I gotta find one of those booths on Amazon again
Sep 11 2017 09:57
but getting high off the fumes is half the fun (disclaimer, dont breath fumes, do as i say not as i do)
Iain Launchbury
Sep 11 2017 10:51
anyone got a link to the GK codex?
Iain Launchbury
Sep 11 2017 12:04
Sep 11 2017 16:57
did DG leak yet
Will Pattison
Sep 11 2017 18:08
not in full afaik
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 20:50
how does one mask the terribleness that is your paintingskills on non miniature models?
still looks wrong tho. No idea how to do blood on something like that.. I might add soe bright green xeno scum blood for contrast...?
Alex Baur
Sep 11 2017 20:54
You might be able to find an article on the RPF
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 20:55
what is an RPF?
plus this isnt a cutting sword... thats a rending one :P
Alex Baur
Sep 11 2017 20:58
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 20:59
just considering doing the toothbrush technique... just spray some other thin mephiston red on it.. Or I think I'Ve gotsome khorne blood stuff here..
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 21:09
I need another pot of Blood for the BLood God.... xD
Simon Porter
Sep 11 2017 21:26
yeah, that looks significantly more gory
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 21:28
all I need to do now is repaint the chapter symbol
and varnish that shit just for edge protection
weathering and blood is bascially makeup for model stuff. It masks the paint blotches by drawing the eye away
oh ad offtopic, but is anyone familiar with the Ginosaji?
Simon Porter
Sep 11 2017 21:31
who in the what now?
Simon Porter
Sep 11 2017 21:49
some people have faaaaaaaar too much time on their hands...
Dirk Bachert
Sep 11 2017 22:01
after one and a half years
I finally got the package