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Sep 2017
Sep 12 2017 00:50
There was an article/issue tracker item that talked about proper use of 'shared' and 'All child Selections
Is there a reference to it? It doesn't appear to be in the wiki. (Or am I just looking in the wrong wiki ....)
Jon Kissinger
Sep 12 2017 00:52
What's probably on the 7E repo
Sep 12 2017 00:56
@alphalas You're a genius ... BSData/wh40k-7th-edition#2880
Sep 12 2017 01:33
Is there a way to define if there is "This specific instance of a 'Shared Entry'"
I.e. If Unit A has shared Entry A, then make something available? (or not hidden as the case may be)?
however, if Unit B, has Shared Entry A, then it doesn't become available?
Sep 12 2017 01:49
Ah ha, create a Selection Group with the Shared Entry A, and target off of the 'Selection Group' not the direct shared entry.
Sep 12 2017 01:59
I have a 3rd wasp to build, and don't have an extra missile launcher
might actually wait for the codex since it's close, see if they unfuck starcannons
Austin C.
Sep 12 2017 15:29
O, but to have my Corsiar Wasps playable...