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Sep 2017
Sep 30 2017 00:20 UTC
I posted them a few with explanations about a month ago, haven't seen any changes
Jon Kissinger
Sep 30 2017 00:53 UTC
I’d say reposted anyway – just to refresh their memory about it
Alex Baur
Sep 30 2017 21:43 UTC
@/all what's going on with the "mobile version" of the files? Looks like it hasn't been updated in a long time and it's confusing people who aren't familiar with the files.
Earl Bishop
Sep 30 2017 21:45 UTC
I imagine Windstorm is working on them
It's one person's repo.
TL;DR work has been an utter bitch
I've not even had time to do hobby stuff either beyond playing a game or two some saturdays to decompress
going to make a start on admech when I can since they're the least changed from the index
Sep 30 2017 23:13 UTC
@acebaur you can link that to anyone confused
Alex Baur
Sep 30 2017 23:40 UTC
@WindstormSCR no problem man, RL often gets in the way. I typically just tell folks to use the normal files