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Oct 2017
Oct 05 2017 08:28
at this point they could put new SoB models on the shelves and i'd still be sceptical
Iain Launchbury
Oct 05 2017 08:30
I'm putting in a request for new Warp Spider molds.
also, the Lion riding a plastic Thunderhawk. :D
Oct 05 2017 09:29
A suped-up Dark Angel style popemobile? :)
Oct 05 2017 09:43
I'm suspecting there won't be too many new craftworld Eldar models, they might go all-out on a new Ynnari line though.
Iain Launchbury
Oct 05 2017 09:44
and that makes me sad
Oct 05 2017 09:45
Same. I don't want Ynnari (I think), I want a new Avatar, new Phoenix Lords (god they are awful right now) and everything that's resin upgraded to new plastic models. But yeah, not gonna happen.
Joe Beddoe
Oct 05 2017 11:51
at this point they could put new SoB models on the shelves and i'd still be sceptical
Yeah, sadly, you're right
Oct 05 2017 20:20
plastic aspects are badly needed really
at least the most popular/oldest ones
you could certainly make dark reapers/fire dragons into a dual kit
same armor just a headswap and weapon swap
Oct 05 2017 21:02
Fire Dragons, yes please. I just got some resin ones as a gift. Appreciated, but that resin is just bad. needs to be cut into shape in the most difficult place to reach (the back) and it's got air bubbles trapped in the small detail stuff.
Dirk Bachert
Oct 05 2017 21:33
jesus motherfething christ. 2 and a half hours and not even done with 2 colours on Cawl.. that model is terribly amazing.
on that note - did anyone here experiment with oil washes and/or varnishing before applying washes?
Earl Bishop
Oct 05 2017 22:09
Holy shit
MS Edge
It actually has a use!
It's an ePub Reader!
Nevermind, it's a shite ePub reader.