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Oct 2017
Oct 13 2017 04:18
i'm wondering if a full super heavy detachment will be in the range of the points for it...though we're moving in to apoc like numbers since we've got some people with titans (including the old school armorcast ones that predate forgeworld)
Simon Porter
Oct 13 2017 12:51
@acebaur there was nothing "wrong" with it, but I can't always remember the special rules for each ammo type, so I made some changes to the CAT to show individual profiles for different ammo for each weapon
Simon Porter
Oct 13 2017 15:27
Apart from the combi-weapons because I forgot to do them
But yes, now when you print out a roster you'll get all the ammo for all the weapons for a squad WITH the squad rather than having to refer to the rules at the end of the roster...
Alex Baur
Oct 13 2017 15:51
@FarseerVeraenthis :thumbsup: sounds good to me