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Oct 2017
Oct 21 2017 00:12 UTC
@WindstormSCR depends on your local meta or what tournament types you're looking at, but from what I've been seeing in other groups with the rise of Chaos Iyanden seems like the better one. If you're assuming it's mostly IG you'll be facing then alaitoc seems like the better route- but then you're still trying to out guard the guard in some ways ;)
Oct 21 2017 00:18 UTC
mix of all types, but my meta leans more toward armor
couple deathguard, couple IG, some DE/Nids/tau/necrons floating about
usual space marine stuff
only real outliers are the guard tank guy, iron hands heavy armor list, and a minotaurs guy running akios and an achilles
the second two the FPs give me some hope against, but I'll still need my hemlocks as well to make a dent
Oct 21 2017 04:38 UTC
minor rage
Winters got banned from actually showing book pages :(
Oct 21 2017 04:58 UTC
15 point starcannons?
Oct 21 2017 07:33 UTC
@Thairne after listening to the full deal, I'll agree definitely eating on the low end of the IG table, but at least there is chapter approved to give a chance to fix codex creep and right the ship
Dirk Bachert
Oct 21 2017 10:27 UTC
the problem is though - they have proven they can't balance these codexes. The power levels already are so far apart... chapter approved can do it, but can THEY do it? THat's what I'm worrying about..
Oct 21 2017 12:07 UTC
The only way to balance any game with the scope of something like warhammer is to make every army basically identical
regardless of who tries to do it, it will fail so long as they try to keep the veriety
Simon Porter
Oct 21 2017 12:14 UTC
Really, the only requirement for balance is for tournaments...
Mark Alexander
Oct 21 2017 13:15 UTC
As long as every army has something that is competitive, it doesn’t matter that much if everything in the army is über competitive does it?
Dirk Bachert
Oct 21 2017 14:03 UTC
if you want to be limited to playing the same units over and over... yes
and I'm not talking starcraft 2 level of balance
but IG vs GK level of balance. Thats not even in the same ballpark.
or wraithknight levels of balance.
Joe Beddoe
Oct 21 2017 15:00 UTC
Man 86 unread messages in here
How to Balance Your Game.png
Once again I submit this
GW just...can't get it right
The Indexes were "Fun-Sized" balance
And while it was good, it was also...well...flavorless and bland for the most part
Now it looks like we're shifting back to the good ol' GW that cant' publish a codex without there being some bullshit in it
Which is either "taking turns" or "fight broken with broken"
Joe Beddoe
Oct 21 2017 15:05 UTC
Now after having a bit to digest some of the rumors and reviews and all the other noise surrounding this codex I am reminded of the words of Ambassador G'kar:
"I weep for the future, Na'toth."
I don't know what it's like it y'all's areas
But let me paint you a picture so you can understand my deep loathing for Eldar
By way of example
Thursday night is 40K at my main FLGS. I roll in Thursday to see a lot of tables occupied by older dudes, more than a few ex-military, with some shockingly well-painted tanks and lots of dudesmen playing Guard. I'm almost certain most of them were still dusty from being in the closet and a LOT of those guys were dudes that I either hadn't seen in years or were new to the area
This is a good thing. This represents growth in the community and more players = better for all
Joe Beddoe
Oct 21 2017 15:12 UTC
Due to the utter and absolute BULLSHIT that was 7th Edition Eldar -- and if you argue otherwise you're either blinded by Eldar Privilege or you delusional on a level that requires professional help
Of ALL the Eldar players I've ever encountered -- and believe me, across 4 editions of the game it's been A LOT of them
I've known exactly 2 that weren't straight up Eldar whores that couldn't tell you the difference between a Craftworld and a craft store but boy did they love their broken AF gray plastic or shittily painted Eldar armies that were nothing but under-priced, over-powered bullshit
I hold myself to certain standards: If you're going to bring cheese, at least make it good looking cheese
I don't get the impression there are any power-whores here (at least not any more than the rest of us, self included LOL)
Joe Beddoe
Oct 21 2017 15:19 UTC
But the advent of this Codex -- which by all accounts slashes points all over the place and cranks up the power level (not PL) of the Eldar as a whole, I fully expect the tables to be flooded with those despicable players with their piles of elfy cheese soon
Granted, some of them are going to have to put their dozens of malefic lords and Magnus back in the case to do it
Jon Kissinger
Oct 21 2017 15:32 UTC
On completely different topic - the fucking bits market man
Jon Kissinger
Oct 21 2017 15:40 UTC
Why the hell is it that 2 falcons, 2 WS, and 2 FP from china is only $5 more expensive then buying just the bits I need from the reliably cheapest bits seller I’ve found (bitsabdkits)?
Alex Baur
Oct 21 2017 16:33 UTC
Because those bitz sellers probably aren't getting much of a discount on the kits and they want to make a profit as well
China on the other hand is making them illegally and can mass produce their products making them a fraction of the cost
Jon Kissinger
Oct 21 2017 16:45 UTC
I remember years ago (back when bitzbarn was still a thing) you could get most anything for less then $2 each
But $17 for a prism turret? Literally just the clamshell and the pivot? Really?
Alex Baur
Oct 21 2017 17:05 UTC
Supply and demand, there's only one turret in the kit, compared to say the price of bolters or chest pieces in a SM kit which are much more plentiful
Will Pattison
Oct 21 2017 17:48 UTC
BScribe 2.01.05
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect points calculations in some cases.
looks like its the child detachment / collective wargear bug
Jon Kissinger
Oct 21 2017 18:33 UTC
Yeah I saw that one
Oct 21 2017 20:40 UTC
Well, that's a bit of a bummer. Striking Scorpion also just posted a review of the Eldar codex, seems the Autarch has lost almost all his weapon options. There is no more Autarch weapons list and all he gets is something called a Starglaive and plasma grenades. That's it. The Autarchs with wings and jetbikes get a different load out but there's hardly anything to choose from anymore. And I just ordered the made-to-order Autarch with the missile launcher...
The only model in the codex that gave you a real choice concerning gear... what a bummer.
Oct 21 2017 20:46 UTC
And for those interested, he's showing the book page by page. It's not fully uploaded yet so low resolution for now, but that'll sort itself out sometime later tonight.