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Nov 2017
Nov 10 2017 02:19
I dunno, I've got a eldar wraithbomb list that can dump two units of 10 wraithguard with psytronome bonus turn 1
Joe Beddoe
Nov 10 2017 04:17
Yeah a couple of my Eldar buddies basically jizzed all over themselves when they figured that combo out
They were... so happy
Something like 3 CP and a psychic power to pull off
Nov 10 2017 05:29
3 cp for webway strike, use a warlock (and possibly wraithseer) to give quicken/enliven to guarntee charges and get the psytronome in place
Joe Beddoe
Nov 10 2017 14:05
That's a deliciously wicked combo
I approve
Nov 10 2017 17:00
@CrusherJoe no. Unfortunately I work all weekend
Joe Beddoe
Nov 10 2017 18:38
Simon Porter
Nov 10 2017 20:57
Sad face
Anyway, now codex Eldar has dropped we get to talk about the next release - codex dark angels!
(and blood angels and tyranids too of course...)
Joe Beddoe
Nov 10 2017 22:06
You mean Codex: Dark Traitors?
I never thought they'd release a chaos and loyal codex at the same time
Dirk Bachert
Nov 10 2017 23:11
Do you want to invoke my wrath? Because that's how you invoke my wrath!
on a more serious note (you were joking, right? RIIIIIGHT? Last chance...) I'm mostly interested how they do RW/DW interaction now that there is no scatter on DS anymore