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Nov 2017
Nov 19 2017 01:25
@/all can we get a release soonish? the regular CWE fixes are ready to go among others
Nov 19 2017 01:52
Loaded the page at 7:59 and it waited til 8 for the start and just chugged thru the process
Joe Beddoe
Nov 19 2017 02:41
Right on
Nov 19 2017 02:59
the land raider builds on the community site looks pretty silly
but also kinda fun
I'm hoping by doing rules for specific hulls they can actually approach the balance bracket for more than just open play
since hull usually dictates toughness/save/wounds, and durability of the platform is usually the largest contributing factor to how much stuff is worth
Simon Porter
Nov 19 2017 22:07
@WindstormSCR just managed to get my github desktop working again... more dramatic than it needed to be but anyway... you missed a single "hidden" checkbox in the FAQ Upgrade, but I've taken care of it so all is well :smile: thanks for the help dude :+1: