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Dec 2017
Joe Beddoe
Dec 14 2017 02:30 UTC
I'm pretty sure reading that thread gave me herpes
Shining Spears are far from OP. Sure, you can buff 'em up and make 'em useful (much like anything else in the Eldar army)
But they're very, very glass cannon-ish
Now they WILL jack things up if you let them run loose and/or under the right circumstances
But I often remind myself if I have to have more than like 2 conditions met before the big boojie power/effect triggers/goes's probably not going to happen and/or not worth it
Or at the very least, it shouldn't be counted on
Dec 14 2017 02:33 UTC
I usually count on quicken, because I'm willing to sink resources in, and need to have the quicken lock around for other units anyway
same with at least one farseer buff power, but beyond that it's gambling games (7 on 2d6 without rerolls is about 50/50)
Dec 14 2017 04:28 UTC
@/all good news
I got a reply from @Jonskichov and the Mobile Format repo should be exiting the building soon, and he's going to use it as a test case to redirect requests on it to the main repo instead
Simon Porter
Dec 14 2017 06:35 UTC
Dec 14 2017 06:40 UTC
At least I learned a rather hideous amount of ways that BS is 'special' and can put that to use here
Dec 14 2017 19:07 UTC
I remember a while ago on here there was someone making remora drones out of sky ray parts? friend of mine got gifted a kit and was wondering about it
Jon Kissinger
Dec 14 2017 19:15 UTC
That was me
You use the turret mount, the markerlights, 2 of the seekers, and the nose sensor array to make it
And of course the wings obviously
Jon Kissinger
Dec 14 2017 19:29 UTC
I also used a piece of sprue as a wing spar to mount everything on